Our sustainability story

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“A commitment to being transparent in the way we manage and operate our business, for our employees, customers and owners, today and in the future”

Forest friendly focus

By the end of 2024, TCM Living will source all of its timber-based products from responsibly managed forests.

From cow to couch, carefully

TCM Living ensure all leather in our supply chain is audited through the Leather Working Group. This body meets the highest environmental and social standards and evidence traceability through the entire supply chain.

All our leather products will be sourced through LWG before the end of 2023.

A safe journey

We have begun mapping our supply chain across all businesses. This process has started with the leather journey, working in partnership with British Leather Council. Our aim is to visually represent our sourcing locations by way of an interactive map which will indicate key details about each product’s roots,

An orderly house

The aim of our factories is to produce their electricity and heat using Solar Panels and Biomass boilers. Across the Group, we have various initiatives for recycling materials both pre and post-consumer delivery and some waste is now being diverted from traditional routes to be used in energy recovery. This contributes to the overall reduction in energy produced using fossil fuels in the UK.

Across all sites, work is underway to replace all bulbs with high-efficiency LED bulbs.

Working together

Our Company Car fleet will move to PHEV and EV, then to fully EV as and when infrastructure allows. We will also implement car charging points at all sites.

Whilst consumers in their homes can have an impact, industry has a bigger role to play. TCM Living is currently in a process of review, to best understand which models or initiatives can drive our Green House Gases down with Science-Based Targets.

We will set our goals and our affiliations so we can contribute positively on our impact on Earth. We will work with selected experts on how this can be done in the quickest possible timeframe.